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This online payment center is designed to make payments of fees, fines and other county services fast, secure, convenient and easy to use.

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  • In order to pay court fees, you MUST have your case number. This can be found in the upper right hand corner of your payment letter.
  • If you cannot find your payment letter, call the County Clerk's Office at 214-653-2979 and ask for your case number. You may then return to this page and continue.
  • All dishonored payments will result in a $30 fee and future payments may be restricted to cash only, due in full.

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Payment Fees

Administrative Fee:

Article 102.072 of the Criminal Code of Procedures allows for an administrative fee of $2.00 to be collected for each transaction through the County Clerk's office relating to the collection of fines, fees, restitution or other costs imposed by a court.

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Please “log off” completely at the end of your transaction! Failure to do so will allow another user to access your personal information.

When making payment online, please allow 3 to 6 business days for your payment to process and be posted to your court case. Outstanding arrest warrants may still be enforced against you during the 3 to 6 business days prior to payment posting to your court case.

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