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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is scofflaw, and why can't I register my vehicle?

Section 502.185 of the Texas Transportation Code allows a freeze on the auto registration of those who owe a city and/or county money for a fine, fee or tax that is past due. The vehicle registration block can only be removed by paying your fines and fees. More information is available at Scofflaw.

2.  How can I register my vehicle when I have a scofflaw?

You must pay all outstanding fines and fees, then visit one of our tax office locations.

3.  How do I dispute a listed citation?

Call or visit the local Municipality or Entity that issued the citation. Please visit: City Payment Maps or JP Office.

4.  I'm making payments, why am I still in the list?

When your case balance is zero or the case has been disposed, it will be removed.

5.  After I have made my payment in full, how long does it take before the record is removed from the Dallas County Wanted website?

It takes at least 7 business days for the record to be removed from the website.

6.  Who do I contact if I have a tip on a criminal?

Call the Dallas County Sheriff's Office at 214-653-3530 or visit Crime Stoppers at Crime Stoppers

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