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Records Building

  • The road closure on Elm Street will begin at Market Street. At Market Street, one lane on Elm Street will be kept open to allow employees and the public access to the parking garage. Past Record Street, all lanes will be blocked on Elm Street.
  • Main Street will be closed at Market Street and past Dealey Plaza.
  • Commerce Street will not be impacted, you can enter the underground Dallas County parking under the Old Red Courthouse, from the left lane at Commerce and Houston Streets, for jury parking for the George Allen Courts Building.
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Juror Badge

eJuror: Click here to Complete the Juror Affidavit Questionnaire Online

If you do not wish to complete the juror affidavit questionnaire online, you may complete and mail the questionnaire, which is the bottom portion of your summons. If you DO complete the questionnaire online, do NOT mail the questionnaire.  You will NEED TO BRING the top portion of your jury summons with you.  This contains information on reporting location and time, jury services contact numbers, and your juror badge, parking validation and/or DART bus/train pass.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the numbers listed on the summons.

Thank You!

Dallas County Jury Services Staff

Court RoomThis web site is designed to assist you with frequently asked questions regarding your jury service.  It is not a substitute for the Judge's instructions but is provided to help you understand Dallas County's procedures.

You may ask how your name was drawn for jury service.  The Legislature is responsible for all laws pertaining to the jury list or jury wheel.  Every 2 - 2 ½ years, the Secretary of State receives the Dallas County voter's registration list and the driver's license list from the Texas Department of Public Safety.  These lists are combined to make up Dallas County's jury wheel.

The current jury wheel contains 1.9 million names, which are randomized.  In the year 2000, 639,870 summons were mailed to prospective jurors.  The reason some people never receive a summons is "their placement on the list".  It is that simple.  One way to prevent your name from appearing on the jury wheel multiple times is to include your driver's license number on your voter's registration record.  You may do so by contacting the Dallas County Elections Department.

Potential jurors may submit a rescheduling request form online, filling in information from the jury summons they received.

Please have your jury summons in front of you to continue with the Jury Service Postponement Request Form.