Dallas County offices will be closed November 23rd and 24th in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.

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First Administrative Region

Office of First Administrative Judicial Region

Regional Administrative Judge: Honorable Mary Murphy

Frank Crowley Courts Building

133 N. Riverfront Blvd. , LB#50

5th Floor (Behind Auxiliary Court #9)

Dallas, TX 75202

Phone 214-653-2943

Fax 214-653-2957

Office Manager: Candy Shiver 214-653-2943

District Court Administration

Local Administrative District Judge (LADJ): Honorable Ken Molberg

Presiding Civil District Judge:  Honorable Tonya Parker

Presiding Family District Judge: Honorable Mary Brown

District Court Administrator: Lori Ann Bodino

Administrative Assistant: Michelle Canion  214-653-6034

600 E. Commerce St., Suite 681

Dallas TX, 75202

Presiding Criminal District Judge:  Honorable Brandon Birmingham

Criminal District Manager: Dana Nixon

Administrative Assistant: Linda Mason  214-653-5722

County Court Administration

County Criminal Court Administrative Judge: Honorable Angela King

County Criminal Court Presiding Judge: Honorable Nancy Mulder

County Criminal Court Manager: Patricia Johnson

Administrative Assistant: Kija Lewis 214-653-5720

Presiding County Civil Court at Law Judge:  Honorable Sally Montgomery

Jury Room Administration

George Allen Courthouse

Presiding Judge: Honorable Bonnie Lee Goldstein

Frank Crowley Courthouse

Presiding Judge: Honorable Dominique Collins