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Floodplain Administration

Dallas County Floodplain Management Regulations


FIRMs & FIS Effective Date July 7, 2014


Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and Flood Insurance Studies (FIS) have been created by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to show different degrees of risk for a community. Rates of risk help determine the cost of flood insurance. FEMA has provided Dallas County with FIRMs and FIS having an effective date of July 7, 2014. These maps are divided into a grid system known as panels

Please go to the following weblink to locate, view, and print DFIRM (Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps) panel(s) of interest:

FEMA Flood Map Service Center (Dallas County, TX)

Note: seven (7) Panels are not included in the July 7, 2014 update, Said FIRM Maps are Panel No’s. 310, 320, 330, 340, 345, 485, and 505.  These panels have an Effective Date of August 23, 2001.

Final 2014 FIS Reports

A Flood Insurance Survey (FIS) is a compilation and presentation of flood risk data for specific watercourses, lakes, and coastal flood hazard areas within a community.  When a flood study is completed for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), the information and maps are assembled into an FIS.  The FIS report contains detailed flood elevation data in flood profiles and data tables. Please go to the following weblink to locate, view, and print the FIS in Dallas County.

Dallas County FIS

The 2014 DFIRM Panels & FIS Reports - Effective Date of July 7, 2014, and 2001 FIRM Panels & FIS Reports - Effective Date of August 23, 2001, may also be viewed (hard copy) at:

Dallas County Public Works Department
411 Elm Street, 4th Floor
Dallas, Texas 75202-3375
Tel:  214-653-6392
Fax: 214-653-6445

Contact Lissa Shepard, P.E., C.F.M., Senior Bridge Engineer and Floodplain Manager, 214-653-7426, or

Email: Lissa.Shepard@dallascounty.org, should you have any technical questions.

NFIP Program questions may be directed to:

Federal Emergency Management Agency
FRC 800 North Loop 288
Denton, Texas 76209-3698
Attn: Consultation Coordination Officer
Tel: 940-898-5225

Saferoom Rebate Program

The North Central Texas Safe Room Rebate Program offers North Central Texas residents living or developing in the NCTCOG region an opportunity to qualify for a rebate that covers half the cost of an individual safe room, up to a maximum rebate of $3,000. Please see https://saferoom.nctcog.org for more information.

A Floodplain Verification form is completed to ensure the participant’s property is not located in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) or designated FEMA Flood Zone A or AE. This form is located at the following link:

Floodplain Verification Form

The Floodplain Verification Form:

  • Is completed before the safe room is installed.
  • Will be given to you by the participant.
  • Will be submitted to the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) by the participant.