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Dallas County’s Civil Service Systems  

With some exceptions, designated employees of Dallas County enjoy civil service protection. This means if an adverse personnel action is taken against an employee, the employee has the right to file a grievance before the civil service commission. Adverse actions include all disciplinary actions above the counseling level.

There are two civil service commissions in Dallas County.

  • Dallas County Civil Service Commission: serves designated Dallas County employees.
  • Sheriff’s Department Civil Service Commission: serves employees who work in the Sheriff’s Department.

Are you a covered civil service employee?

Dallas County Civil Service Commission:
You are covered under the Dallas County Civil Service Commission if you are a category C employee, as defined in Section 86-1 of the Dallas County Code. If you are a category D employee you are covered with some exceptions.

Sheriff’s Department Civil Service Commission:
Category “B”, “C”, and “D” employees in the Sheriff’s Department are covered under the jurisdiction of the Sheriff’s Department Civil Service Commission.

Departments excluded from civil service coverage.

There are several county departments whose employees do not fall under either civil service system (Dallas County or Sheriff’s).

  • County Auditor’s Office
  • District Attorney’s Office
  • Domestic Relations Office
  • Jury Services
  • Juvenile Department
  • Public Defender’s Office (Attorneys only)

Some of these departments may have established their own internal grievance process. If you work in one of these departments you are advised to ask your department leadership what your grievance options are.

How to File a Grievance
Click here for procedures on filing a grievance, the grievance form and the complete grievance policy.
Sheriff’s Grievance Procedures