Sex Offender Registration and Compliance Unit:

Dallas County Sheriff’s Office
Frank Crowley Court Building
133 N. Riverfront Blvd., 1st Floor, Room 1C100
Dallas, TX 75207             214-653-3495

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office’s Sex Offender Registration and Compliance Unit is responsible for enforcing and monitoring the Texas Sex Offender Registration Program, as Chapter 62 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure requires.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office registers sex offenders residing only in the unincorporated areas of Dallas County, which includes sex offenders paroled to the Dallas Transitional Center at 1554 E. Langdon Road, Dallas, TX 75241. For all other sex offenders, registration is done by the law enforcement agency in the area where they reside or intend to reside.

For instance, if a sex offender resides in the city of Dallas, they must register with the Dallas Police Department at 1400 Botham Jean Blvd. Dallas, Texas 75215. You may contact them at 214-671-3689 or visit their website, Sex Offenders (

If you’re required to register with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, please call the current Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Registrar at 214-653-3495 to schedule an appointment. Registration/verification is done at the Frank Crowley Courts Building, 1st Floor, Room 1C100, 133 N. Riverfront Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207. Registration/verification hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

OffenderWatch – Sex Offender Database

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office is making available a citizen-friendly, easy-to-use sex offender registry for all of Dallas County. This registry will enable citizens to search for the presence of registered sex offenders in proximity to their homes, places of work, schools, and daycare centers. This information is being provided to the public in a form they can easily use any time, day or night, via OffenderWatch.

Citizens may enter any address of interest to them and see a map and listing of offenders within one mile of that address. Then, they may register the address to be continuously monitored by their respective agencies, which will send them an email alerting them if an offender should register an address within one mile of their registered address. Citizens may confidentially register as many addresses as they like at no cost. The purpose of the program is to lessen citizens’ anxiety by proactively alerting them should an offender/predator move within proximity to them.

OffenderWatch – Safe Virtual Neighborhood

OffenderWatch Safe Virtual Neighborhood is a free mobile app designed to keep families informed and safer from sexual predators. When parents or guardians download the free app on their child’s smartphone, they’ll be able to see their child’s location and locations of registered sex offenders. They will also receive free alerts when a sex offender moves into their neighborhood.

The free app will allow you to find your family, find sex offenders near you, and receive alerts from our office.

Additional Resources:

Additionally, all Sex Offenders registered with the Sheriff’s Office are promptly forwarded to the Texas Department of Public Safety and will be listed on their website. Persons living in the incorporated limits of a city in Dallas County should also check with their local Police Departments to determine if Sex Offenders live in their area.

To search the statewide database, visit the TxDPS Public Sex Offender Registry webpage.