The mission of the courtesy patrol is to provide a freeway system patrolled by trained first responders with the ability to develop and deploy strategies designed to mitigate traffic congestion, and to assist stranded motorist in a safe and time efficient manner.

The number to call for dispatch is 214.320.4444

Courtesy patrol also works closely with local fire departments and law enforcement agencies to assist with traffic control, motor vehicle fires or crash investigations, and to clear incidents from the freeway as safely and quickly as possible. Our assistance allows the fire and police departments to concentrate on extinguishing a fire or conducting their accident investigation.

The Texas Department of Transportation and the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department have entered into an inter-local cooperation agreement for this mobility assistance program. The concern is about motorists stranded on the freeway. Research has shown that the quicker a stalled vehicle is removed from the freeway system, the less likelihood an accident will occur, either directly or indirectly. The presence of a stalled vehicle in a high-speed freeway traffic lane is a dangerous traffic hazard, not only to the occupants of the stalled vehicle, but to those vehicles approaching.