Assistant Chief Deputy Debra Williams

Assistant Chief Deputy Debra Williams – Debra Williams began her law enforcement career in 2001 as a Detention Service Officer with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.

She served as a Detention Service Officer at both George Allen and the North Tower Facilities.

Debra Williams was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2006. While in that rank, she served as a first-line supervisor at the George Allen Facility and a short time as the medical escort supervisor under the West Tower.

In 2009, she was promoted to Lieutenant and was assigned to the Decker Facility. She served at George Allen, South Tower, and North Tower while at the rank of Lieutenant.

In 2016, she was promoted to Captain and was assigned to the South Tower.

In 2022, Debra Williams was honored to be appointed; she accepted the call and joined the Sheriff’s executive staff as an Assistant Chief Deputy, where she is currently assigned to and oversees the Inmate Housing Bureau, which is the 2nd largest jail population in the State of Texas and the 9th largest jail in the U.S.

In 2023, Chief Williams decided to further her role in the law enforcement field and enrolled at Dallas College as a cadet in the Basic Peace Officer Course, where she graduated and received her license in February 2024.