Daniel Simon Chief Financial Officer

Management Services Division:

Fiscal Affairs

Bond Administration

Bond Desk Operation

Vault Operation

Digital Photo Lab

Digital Print Shop

Manages approximately 66 exempt and nonexempt staff members with an annual departmental budget of approximately $200 million.

Plans, organizes, directs, and controls all financial, budgetary, and operational activities of the Fiscal Affairs, Bond Administration, Bond Desk, Vault Operation, Photo Lab, and Print Shop divisions, as well as oversees the grant process.

Directs, reviews, approves, and participates in personnel-related activities of managers and supervisors, including hiring staff, evaluating performance, conducting disciplinary actions, and providing direction in the absence of the managerial staff.

Act as liaison between Commissioners Court and various core departments, representing the Sheriff’s department to various boards and committees.

Plans develops, and implements policies and procedures, establishing short/long-range goals and objectives and evaluating program activities to ensure compliance and internal controls.

Ensures that revenues and expenditures comply with county, state, and federal laws, contracts, and agreements; and works with internal auditors to ensure proper account of public funds and direct the preparation, maintenance, and processing of financial records and reports.

Directs the proper receipt, inventory, storage, release, return, and destruction of contraband or other items held as evidence in criminal proceedings while ensuring that the chain of custody is maintained.

Assures evaluation of each purchase requisition order for completeness and compliance and coordinates with vendors and the Purchasing Department to expedite orders and resolve problems.

Manages the issue and control of cash advances and credit cards to officers, the expenditure of TCOLE Officer’s Educational funds, and the auditing of officer travel expenses to ensure the proper use of County funds.

Manages the development and operation of computer-based systems that analyze criminal activity and help identify data, patterns, and information, which contributes to increasing the effectiveness of law enforcement efforts.

Over 35 years of extensive and diverse experience in Financial Management, Budgeting, Forecasting, Financial Auditing, Compliance Auditing, Fraud Examining/Auditing, Scoring Vendors for financial stability, Risk Analysis preparation, Quality Assurance Auditing of Bail Bonds, Analysis of financial statements of Bail Bond companies, Analyzing complaints from Bail Bond Community, System Analysis, Accounts Payable Management, Accounts Receivable Management, Bail Bond Administration, Inmate Trust Fund Administration, Collections, Cash Management, Billing, Month End Accounting Close, General Ledger Analysis, Bank Reconciliation, Process Improvement, and Month End Financial Procedures and Reporting.


CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner)

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)May 2017

MBA (Master of Business Administration): Business, 2008

Texas Woman’s University – Denton, TX, USA

  1. Com (Master of Commerce): Financial Management, 1982

University of Kerala – Trivandrum, Kerala, India

  1. Com (Bachelor of Commerce): Cost Accounting & Financial Management, 1980

University of Kerala – Trivandrum, Kerala, India