The public information officer serves as the liaison between the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department and the media. The PIO also disseminates information on breaking news involving the department.

Official office hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

After hours best contact method is email:

Requests for inmate booking photos:
If an individual is still in custody at the Dallas County jail, you can access the Jail Lookup. If an individual is no longer in our custody, please email the individual’s name, DOB, charges, etc. to help narrow down your search request.

Media inmate interview requests:
Media can confirm housing location for an inmate currently in custody by visiting the Jail Lookup. Please email or fax a personalized written request by using this interview request sample template here.

Please note: response time for interview requests is strictly dependent upon the inmate. Some respond quickly, while others wait to discuss with their attorney.

Once a response is received, the PIO will notify you and if the inmate decides to grant an interview, those will be scheduled during regular office hours Monday through Friday.

If there are several requests accepted by an inmate, the PIO will arrange time slots based on who submitted a request first. The email/fax timestamp is the deciding factor.

Media parking:
Currently there are six parking spaces designated for media on the first floor of the parking garage near the Frank Crowley Courts Building. A sign must be posted in the window of the vehicle with station logo. Please note: Parking is monitored by Dallas County Security, not the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.

Media access to sally port:
Please email, call, text the PIO for this request and include the name of the individual you are waiting on. The PIO will then notify detentions’ commanders for clearance.

There is no media parking in the sally port area.