A deputy is responsible for conducting physical and fiscal inspections, as well as reviews of the bail bond companies’ application forms. He serves as the liaison for the public with the sheriff’s department as well as the Bail Bond Board.

A person can file a complaint on a bondsmen and the bonding business by contacting this investigator.

The deputy tallies these routine complaints and helps to determine if there are sufficient facts to go before the Board for further investigation and/or action.

The bonding levels of bondsmen and attorneys must be checked for compliance daily to assure the statutory bonding levels are not exceeded. While the Board is charged with the regulation and policies, the sheriff must enforce the policies and regulation of the Board. A deputy carries out statutory duties for both parties on a daily basis. In Dallas County, a Bail Bond Board is mandatory. Tex Occ. Code Ann. Section 1704

Bail Bond Investigator – 214.653.2756