Attorneys seeking visitation with an inmate (client) can utilize both in-person visitation and video visitation.  Both methods of visitation will adhere to attorney/client privilege.  To schedule a video visitation please contact the Court/Attorney Liaison at (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm).  Documentation (Bar Card and State ID/DL) is required for both in-person and video visitation.

Attorney visits using video will be conducted on a Securus Video call.  If attorneys need assistance with Securus calls they should contact

The Court/Attorney Liaison is provided to assist with the following:
Appointed Attorney information for inmates.
Outside agencies request that persons in custody be given indigent information.
Court documents are to be received or signed by an inmate.

Outside calls from non-attorneys should be directed to Jail information at 214-761-9025 if they are regarding:

  • An inmate’s release date
  •  Who an inmate has to be released to
  • If an inmate has posted bond
  • Wellness check
  • Warrant check

The Dallas County courts and inmates have access to the Court Call Kiosk Unit for expedited hearings such as bail hearings and pleas.  Please contact the court coordinator for your client should you prefer this option.