• Scammers manipulate caller ID to make the number appear to come from the Sheriff’s Office. A scammer tells the person there is a warrant out for their arrest and state the fine is a certain amount of money. The reason for the warrant is represented as being anything from a traffic violation, missed jury duty, or some other minor infraction.
  • A scammer claims to be a Deputy James Marshall and informs individuals they have outstanding fines with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.
  • A scammer calls from the number 214-304-0245 or 214-838-7777 and claims to be a Sgt. Jackson. This individual also claims that a person has an outstanding warrant and needs to pay a fee to avoid jail time.
  • A person places calls from a pre-paid cell phone with a 972 area code and gives the name of either Lt. Cliff Hale or Lt. Chris Harold. The caller tells people that they have an active warrant against them. He then states that the person must pay the money or risk being arrested.
  • An individual claims to be a Corporal Mark Hollis from the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, gives a fake badge number, and even provides a warrant number. This individual also tells people to purchase a pre-paid debit card and to then meet him at the Frank Crowley Courthouse on 133 North Riverfront Boulevard.
  • Some debt collectors use the name Dallas County in their company name, but don’t directly say they work with the Sheriff’s Department. They just mention they are Investigator (insert name) with Dallas County. These are legitimate companies and not scammers, but are not affiliated with Dallas County or the Sheriff’s Department.

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