The Sheriff’s Department has received numerous phone calls regarding an individual that has been making calls claiming to be a lieutenant with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department. This person places calls from a pre-paid cell phone with a 972 area code and gives the name of either Lt. Cliff Hale or Lt. Chris Harold. The caller tells people that they have an active warrant against them. He then states that the person must pay the money or risk being arrested. The individual asks for people to go to a local grocery store and put money onto to a pre-paid debit card. He even stays on the line sometimes to verify they are loading the card correctly. He also leaves messages stating this information and gives a call back number with a 972 area code.

Another recent scam involves an individual that claims to be a Corporal Mark Hollis from the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, gives a fake badge number, and even provides a warrant number. This individual also tells people to purchase a pre-paid debit card and to then meet him at the Frank Crowley Courthouse on 133 North Riverfront Boulevard. After the person purchases the debit card and is in route to Frank Crowley, the scammer begins to pressure the person to provide the card number. The scammer threatens to send police officers if the card number is not provided over the phone. He has no intention of meeting the person and is aggressively attempting to obtain the money.

Remember that the Sheriff’s Department will not telephone you directly and demand payment for a warrant. Letters are sent out when a person has an active warrant. You can verify an active warrant by calling 214-761-9026 and pay online fees like traffic tickets through the Dallas County website here: Online Services.

Always remember to be vigilant when someone calls claiming to be from the Sheriff’s Department.

If you paid the individual and are a victim of this scam, please call your local law enforcement agency to file a criminal complaint.

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