The North Texas Auto Theft Task Force (NTATTF) consists of experienced auto theft, auto burglary and insurance fraud detectives that strive to reduce auto thefts, auto burglaries and insurance fraud by acting as a liaison for other law enforcement agencies to identify theft patterns and develop intelligence that leads to prosecution and restitution from those responsible. The areas that are covered in Dallas County consist of four major highways that can lead anyone across the country. They are north and southbound Interstate 35 and Interstate 45, as well as east and westbound Interstate 20 and Interstate 30. These areas are prime targets for auto theft and their related crimes in Texas.

Prevention Tips to help keep your vehicle safe:

  1. Hide your valuables. Items in the open make your car a bigger target.
  2. Take your keys and never leave a second set in your vehicle. Twenty percent of stolen vehicles had keys inside them, making the theft even easier.
  3. Lock your car. Almost half of all vehicles stolen were left unlocked.
  4. Park in well-lit or heavily-trafficked areas. Thieves do not like witnesses. Find an attended lot or garage if possible.
  5. Give parking attendants the ignition key only. Keep your trunk and glove box locked at all times. If possible, get separate keys for the ignition and the trunk and glove box.
  6. Never leave your car running unattended. Cars are often stolen at convenience stores, gas stations or when an owner leaves the vehicle running to warm it up.
  7. Install an anti-theft device. Many insurance companies may give you a discount for certain anti-theft devices. Check with your agent for details.

Consider VIN Etching. It is a safe and effective way to protect your vehicle from being stolen. The main reason a thief steals a car is to bring it to a chop shop and strip all the parts of the vehicle. The principle behind having your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etched into the glass is to make those parts worthless and traceable. So, when a thief approaches your vehicle, statistics show the thief will pass it, and go on to the one that has not been etched.

To find out more about VIN Etching, contact the North Texas Auto Theft Task Force at 214-653-3430. Ask when the next free VIN etching event is! We also do 68a inspections (trailers).

The NTATTF is funded by grants that are awarded to different agencies through the Texas Burglary and Automobile Theft Prevention Authority (ATPA). The general fund was established by legislation that requires the collection of a $1.00 premium annually on each vehicle insurance policy issued in Texas. The fee is assessed of all agencies insuring vehicles in Texas, and is collected for ABTPA by the Texas Comptroller of public accounts.