The Dallas County Sheriff's Department:

The Dallas County Sheriff's Department is the chief law enforcement agency in the county. Established on March 30, 1846, we operate the seventh largest jail in the United States with an average jail population of over 6,000 inmates and more than 2,000 employees. Unlike municipal law enforcement agencies, sheriff deputies have jurisdiction in all areas of the county, including the other 32 cities in the county.

Dallas County Jail Facts


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Dallas County Sheriff's Department is to provide the citizens of Dallas County with quality law enforcement services. Sheriff's Department employees will be fair, respectful and unbiased to all citizens. The employees will act with professionalism and integrity in all law enforcement activities and treat inmates with dignity.


Sheriff Promotional Exam Results:

EXAM DATE: July 13, 2017

Sheriff and Constable Deputy Exam Announcements:

EXAM DATE: August 9, 2017

Dallas County jail passes eight consecutive state jail inspection

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The Texas Commission on Jail Standards is recognizing the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department for the eighth straight year. On Friday, October 7, 2016, the state inspection team completed their week long inspection of the seventh largest jail in the nation. Learn more here!