Thank you for applying with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department. The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department has an obligation to employ persons of good integrity who will maintain the security and high standard of its service, and whose conduct will maintain public confidence. To achieve these objectives, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department will conduct a thorough evaluation on all applicants to include the following:

  • Educational review
  • Work history review
  • Driving record review
  • Criminal record review
  • Family history review
  • Personal reference review
  • Psychological screening (For law enforcement candidates only)
  • Initial interview
  • Polygraph examination
  • Background investigation
  • Pre-employment physical examination and completion of a health history questionnaire
  • Pre-employment drug test
  • Any other requirement determined necessary by the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department

It is critical that all questions in the online iRecruitment employment application system be answered. The completion of the online employment application represents your ability to provide written communication and follow directions. Incomplete online applications will not be processed. In addition, please allow sufficient time to complete the online application. The online application system does not allow you to save as you go, so it’s imperative that you prepare yourself and obtain all of the pertinent information that will be required prior to starting the process.


Please visit our online job portal – Dallas County Employment – to create your online application and to apply for employment opportunities in the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department (e.g., Detention Service Office, Sheriff – Clerical, etc.).

All candidates for law enforcement positions will be required to complete the following waiver and submit to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department – AUTHORITY TO RELEASE INFORMATION WAIVER. This document can be scanned and uploaded into the job application system or mailed to the following location:

Dallas County Sheriff’s Department
Resource Development Division
Personnel Section

Dallas County Records Building
500 Elm Street, Suite  5100,  Dallas, TX 75202

For additional questions, please contact the Resource Development Division Personnel Section for assistance at (214) 741-1094.

Please have the following information available before starting your online application process:

  • Drivers License number – name as it appears on license, license number, what state license is held, and type of license.
  • Social Security number – name as it appears on card, and card number.
  • Military Service dates – state if active service, discharged date, how discharged, list all Article 15.
  • Employment History – for the past ten years (to include name of employers, physical addresses, and phone numbers)
  • Residence – for the past ten years (to include name of apt. complexes, and physical addresses)
  • Arrest/Criminal Record – for self and family members
  • Five Personal References – to include names, physical addresses, phone numbers, and occupation.
  • Family History information – list to include spouse, children, step-children, parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters.

To expedite the hiring process, please have the following Original documents with you at your first scheduled appointment. These documents will allow an investigator to begin the background investigation process.

The following required documents:

  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Original high School Transcript or Diploma or GED Certificate (not grade report)
  • Texas Drivers License or Identification card
  • Naturalization Documents (Citizenship)

If applicable, the following:

  • Original or certified copy of college transcript(s)
  • Current Marriage License
  • All Divorce Decrees(s)
  • Military Discharge (DD form 214-Fong Form)
  • Selective Service Registration Card or Exemption from Registration (Males Only)
  • Proof of required licenses/certification for certain positions (i.e., counselor)