Office of Small Business Enterprise (SBE)

    Welcome to the Dallas County Office of Small Business Enterprise!

    Records Building - 500 Elm Street, Suite 0300, Dallas, TX 75202
    Telephone:  (214) 653-6021  |  E-Mail:

    Dallas County is committed to increasing business opportunities for small businesses and to continuing to provide economic opportunity to the Dallas business community. The Dallas County Commissioners Court ("Dallas County") has established the Small Business Enterprise Program ("SBE Program") for the purpose of promoting equal Business Enterprise for small businesses. In addition, Dallas County aspires to increase the participation of small businesses in all aspects of contracting with Dallas County to include contracting with Small Business Enterprises (SBE) directly or indirectly through contracting, subcontracting, and/or other procurement activities.


    Our mission is to exhaust every effort to the greatest extent possible to ensure the involvement of qualified SBE’s in the County’s procurement of goods, services, commodities, equipment, and construction.


    • Utilize eligible small businesses to enhance the capacity of small businesses
    • Increase the number of competitively awarded contracts to small businesses
    • Promote the use of small businesses in Dallas County contract and subcontract opportunities.
    • Ensure non-discrimination in the award and administration of Dallas County contracts and procurements to SBE's.