Child Support

George L. Allen, Sr. Courts Building - 600 Commerce Street, Suite 128, Dallas, TX 75202
Phone Number: 214.653.7584 • Fax Number: 214.653.7574 

The Family Judges of Dallas County, together with the Office of the Attorney General, announce a new program designed to provide the families of Dallas County with comprehensive, effective, and efficient child support enforcement services. The new C.A.R.E. program which stands for “County Authority for Responsible Enforcement” began in October 2005.

All seven Family Courts in Dallas County will offer the C.A.R.E. program for all new temporary and final judgments for child support signed after October 1, 2005. You or your attorney must SIGN the account set-up ‘blue form’ and email to us at to obtain these services.  If you do not sign, we will open a ‘registry only’ case for you at the SDU, but no monitoring or enforcement, nor automatic wage garnishments will happen on a ‘registry only’ case.  Also on October 1st, the Child Support Office became part of the new Domestic Relations Office (DRO) in Dallas County and its staff will utilize the Attorney General’s computer system to monitor and enforce child and medical support, send out administrative income withholding orders, and access and provide comprehensive information to appropriate parties, acting in the best interest of the children.

The system will notify C.A.R.E. staff of delinquencies before large arrearages accumulates, thereby assisting both parties in their efforts to provide regular financial support and maintain a positive relationship with their children. With the C.A.R.E. program, the Family District Judges hope to improve the child support process and support the children of Dallas County.

The Dallas County Child Support Office is responsible for receiving child support payments as ordered by the Family and Juvenile Courts. The Child Support Office records, monitors, and disburses these payments in the most timely manner possible to help maintain the standard of living for recipient children.

On the Child Support web page you will find information regarding office hours, days of operation, and general information. The Forms Online page has commonly used forms such as the blue form for setting up new child support accounts, and the change of address form for name and address changes. Other helpful information includes the following: links to state and federal child support agencies, frequently asked questions regarding child support, wage withholding information, information about the SDU (State Disbursement Unit) and our e-mail address.