Office of Budget and Evaluation

Office of Budget and Evaluation (OBE)

Records Building - 500 Elm Street, Suite 5400, Dallas, TX 75202
Phone:  (214) 653-6384  |  Fax:  (214) 653-6534

The Dallas County Office of Budget and Evaluation (OBE) is charged with the responsibility for developing a proposed County budget for consideration, modification, and adoption by the Dallas County Commissioners Court. Each annual budget cycle is approximately five months long, beginning with department heads preparing their requests and ending with budget and tax rate adoption in September.

The Office of Budget and Evaluation is responsible for assisting departments with their requests and with offering a funding recommendation to the Commissioners Court after evaluation of the critical nature of the need, the stated policy objectives of the Commissioners Court and the overall financial climate in which county government operates. Department heads and the public at large are given the opportunity to present their arguments for additional resources, after which the Commissioners Court renders its budgetary decision.

OBE also operates as an analytical arm of the Commissioners Court, conducting operational analysis of programs, and assisting departments with performance measures. A quarterly performance reporting system has been established by OBE. The most recent performance reports and the annual budget and capital improvement plan are available on this web site. Also, see the County's Performance Report Card reported in the article titled "Grading the Counties- A Management Report Card" in "Governing Magazine's" February 2002 issue.

OBE is headed by the County Budget Officer, Ronica Watkins, PhD, who can be reached at (214) 653-6363. Staff in the office consists of one Junior Policy Analyst, one Grants Coordinator, three Budget and Policy Analysts, one Senior Budget and Policy Analyst, one System Administrator, and one Assistant Budget Officer. Contact Us has staff contact information along with his/her phone number and departmental assignments.



Interactive Financial Tool

The interactive financial tool enables users to explore budgetary and financial data using graphs and charts that are easy to understand. Select either the adopted budget or the financials below to use the interactive tool.