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Dallas County Commissioner’s Court adopted the Mission, Vision and Values in November 2022 to guide the organization and it’s 7,500 employees, as we provide dozens of essential services to 2.6 million citizens across 900 square miles.

Due to the exceptional work of the employees that participated from all levels of County government we have developed new Dallas County Mission, Vision, and Values and we are very excited to share the who, the what, and the why.

  • Our Mission:  Deliver exceptional services that promote a thriving community
  • Our Vision:  Improving people’s lives
  • Our Values:  Professionalism – Customer Focus – Diversity & Inclusion

Core Values Defined

  • Professionalism:  Displaying ethical and productive teamwork, holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards our community expects and deserves.
  • Customer Focus:  Providing a positive customer experience by addressing their needs with competence, effective communication, and respect.
  • Inclusion:  Fostering an environment that embraces our differences and honors our shared humanity, modeling an organization that reflects the diverse community we serve.