Obtaining a Development Permit

Obtaining a Development Permit

Dallas County Unincorporated Area - Development Permit

Application / Process and Subdivision Regulations

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Dallas County Development Permit Application Form
Dallas County Floodplain Management Regulations Court Order
Dallas County Subdivision Regulations Court Order

Development Activities (residential or non-residential construction/installation, grading/filling, development, floodplain, on site sewerage facility/OSSF, sand & gravel operations, etc.) in the Unincorporated Areas of Dallas County will need a permit.  Please contact Hector Faulk, Development Coordinator, Department of Unincorporated Area Services at (214) 653-6568 or Hector.Faulk@dallascounty.org

Oversize/Overweight Permit Requirements for Dallas County Roads

This is a separate permit that must be applied for individually. Please contact Anthony Smith with Public Works GIS at 214-653-6444 for this type of permit.

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Dallas County Fire Code

The application file shall remain open for a period of one (1) year from the date received at Dallas County. The owner is required to complete and submit all documentation within that time frame. No development activity is authorized until the respective permits are approved and issued.