In observance of Juneteenth, Dallas County offices will be closed on Wednesday, June 19th.

Dallas County Unincorporated

Dallas County Unincorporated

Transportation Planning performs the following functions for the unincorporated area. 

  • Road Signage and Markings
  • Roadway Inventory
  • Unincorporated Area Bridges

The Unincorporated Area Services Department, created by Dallas County Commissioners Court Order 2016-1411, is responsible for:

  • 911 Addressing
911 Address Request Form
  • Permitting

Contact Unincorporated Area Services Department if you need help with Permitting.

Department of Unincorporated Area Services

George Allen Courts Building

600 Commerce Street 7th Floor, Suite 750, Dallas Texas 75202

Main: 214.653.6565 Fax: 214.653.6464

For Additional Information please Contact the Fire Marshall’s (Add Link) office.

Fire Marshal Department

George Allen Courts Building

600 Commerce Street, RM B-15, Dallas, Texas 75202

Phone: (214) 653-7970

If you own property in the unincorporated area of Dallas County and would like to verify your address or request an address, please e-mail or call Anthony Smith at (214) 653-6444, or Hector Faulk, Development Coordinator, Department of Unincorporated Area Services, at (214) 653-6565.