Applications & Permit Forms

“Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency, the Department of Unincorporated Area Services is utilizing alternate permit application submittal protocols. To submit a permit application, applicants may utilize either of the following three (3) options:

  1. IN PERSON SUBMITTALS: applicants may contact 214-653-6565 or email to request an appointment. (However, a .pdf of plans is also required.)
  2. ELECTRONIC SUBMITTALS: applicants may send complete application packets containing all required documents to   Applications may be obtained online by visiting here.
  3. USPS MAIL: applicants may mail complete application packets to.

Department of Unincorporated Area Services (DUAS)
500 Elm Street, Suite 6100
Dallas, Texas 75202

*However please note that applicants submitting permits via USPS mail are required to contact the DUAS directly at 214-653-6565 or*

APPLICATION FEES: All fees are to be paid by check or money order. Call 214-653-6565 to confirm application fee amount. Check or money order must be mailed to the address listed above. For all permits other than Building Permits, applications are not considered accepted and complete until such time fees are paid in full. Applicants will receive an email confirming application completeness and/or approval. PLEASE NOTE: a complete application shall contain the following items (if applicable):
  • Complete application
  • Authorization form: (authorizes a designated representative to represent and submit applications on behalf of the property owner and/or company)
  • Driver’s license (copy; or other official government I.D. including photo)
  • Fees (check or money order only; contact the DUAS to confirm fee amount)
  • Copy of plat (if property is platted)
  • Property deed
  • Scope of work description
  • Site Plan (11x17 size and .pdf)
  • Survey (if not platted)(11x17 size and .pdf)
  • *Full size (24x36) may be required
  • **In most instances, the DUAS will require applicants to obtain a completed “ETJ/Subdivision Determination Form” from the city, if the subject property is located within a city’s extra-territorial jurisdiction. This form is to be provided to the City. The City will forward this completed form directly to the DUAS.”

Download Forms
Form NameFile Format
Addressing Application
Building Permit – Small Projects
Communications Facilities Structures Permit Application 
Driveway/Culvert Permit Application
Floodplain Development Permit – Commercial
Floodplain Development Permit – Residential
Mobile Home & Recreational Vehicle Placement Application
Notice of Residential Construction
Operational Permit 
Pre-Development Meeting Application
Septic Tank Permit Application 
Slaughterhouse Permit Application 
Subdivision Plat Application
Utility Permit Application