Subdivisions and Platting

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2017 Dallas County Subdivision Regulations

The owner of a tract of land in the County Unincorporated Area who divides this tract into two (2) or more parts to lay out a subdivision [i.e. an addition or any re-configuration of a lot(s) or tract(s) of land], lots, streets, alleys, squares, parks, etc., shall prepare Preliminary and Final Plats for said tract. These Plats shall meet County’s Subdivision Regulations per Court Order No. 2010-1361, dated August 17, 2010, and be submitted to the Department of Unincorporated Area Services for regulatory compliance with recommendation for approval thereafter by the Commissioners Court. Approval of the Preliminary and Final Plats are required prior to issuance of any Development Permit(s) or On Site Sewerage Facility/OSSF Permit(s), and shall be filed/recorded thereafter with Dallas County Deed/Plat Records.

Please also refer to the Texas State Local Government Code for complete subdivision requirements.

Subdivision Plat Requirements:

FEMA 100 Year Base Flood Elevation (BFE) Determination, 9-1-1 Address Verification, Dallas Central Appraisal District (DCAD) Verification, aerial photo, and a County Unincorporated Area Services follow-up inspection are included.

Plats located in the FEMA 100 Year Base Flood require Elevation Certification by a State of Texas Registered Professional Land Surveyor (R.P.L.S.) for elevation and a State of Texas Professional Engineer (P.E.) for flood proofing – dry or wet, and several Unincorporated Area Services follow-up inspections.

The application file shall remain open for a period of one (1) year from the date received at Dallas County. The owner is required to complete and submit all documentation within that time frame. No development activity is authorized until the respective permits are approved and issued.

Plat Fee Requirements:

5 acres or less:$115.00 plus $20.00 per lot ($10.00 per lot on disk)
5 acres or more:$250 plus $20.00 per lot ($10.00 per lot on disk)
 *$100.00 for the 4th and each subsequent review
Type of PlatNo. of LotsAmount
Preliminary/Final Plat1-5$150 + $25 per lot + plat filing fee**
6-20$400 + $25 per lot + filling fee**
21+$635 + $25 per lot + filing fee**
Replat $250 + $25 per lot + plat filing fee**
**PLAT FILING FEE $70 for first page
 $25 for each additional page
 $25 for each tax certificate