Addressing and Street Naming

If you live in the unincorporated area of Dallas County and would like to verify, change or apply for a new address, please e-mail or call the Development Coordinator at or 214-653-6565. 

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Dallas County Street Naming Policy
  1. Original Street Naming
    The initial assignment and review of street names for new streets is accomplished through the subdivision review process. The applicant proposes street names for all new streets reflected on a preliminary plat. Any duplicate or sound alike street names for new streets are rejected during the review of the preliminary plat. Any inappropriate street names must be replaced with acceptable street names prior to the submission of the final plat.
  2. Name Change Request and Initiation
    1. A street name change request may be initiated for dedicated streets only by an abutting property owner, a County department or an elected official serving the community. An application shall be filed with the Director.
      The application shall include the following:
      1. The location and extent of the street to be renamed;
      2. The reasons for the name change;
      3. The existing and proposed street names;
      4. The roadway's relationship to the official County Thoroughfare Plan; and
      5. Petition indicating at least 51 percent of abutting lot owners are in favor.
    2. The Department will perform a preliminary review of the request for:
      1. Completeness of application;
      2. Merits and feasibility of the name change; and
      3. Alternative street names.
    3. An appropriate application fee will be charged the applicant if not exempted by the County Commissioners Court. Also, additional fees will be charged to cover costs for new signage and record changes as a result of the name changes.
  3. Application Fees and Street Name Change
    1. An applicant who submits a request to change the name of a street shall pay the County the following fee, provided that the street to be renamed is:
      Less than one-fourth mile$500.00
      More than one-fourth mile (but less than one-half mile)$700.00
      More than one-half mile, but less than one mile$900.00
      More than one mile (each quarter mile)$200.00
    2. The fees required for new street identification signs are:
      For each blade set to be replaced$75.00
      Any charges for changes on Interstate guide signing by TxDOT shall be determined at the time of installation.
    3. The fees required for each change of address record for 911 purposes are:
      For each address change up to ten$100.00
      Over ten address changes, plus $50.00 for each address change$500.00
    4. No fee is required for street name change applications and change of address records filed under this article by any governing body.
  4. Name Change Request Evaluation
    1. For a dedicated street, the Department shall notify affected County departments and other affected agencies of the request. Ten working days shall be allowed for review and response.
    2. The Department will prepare a staff recommendation which shall be placed on the briefing agenda of the Commissioners Court. If approved in concept, a Court Order will be prepared for enacting the name change.
  5. Notification of Name Change
    The following County departments and local agencies must be notified of any street name changes:
    1. Auditor
      509 Main St., Suite 407
      Dallas, Texas 75202

      Unincorporated Area Services
      600 Commerce Street, 7th Floor, Suite 750
      Dallas, Texas 75202-3301
    2. Court Administrator
      411 Elm Street, 2nd Floor
      Dallas, Texas 75202
    3. Fire Marshal
      509 Main St., Suite 305
      Dallas, Texas 75202
    4. Public Works
      411 Elm Street, 4th Floor
      Dallas, Texas 75202
    5. Sheriff
      133 North Industrial Blvd., LB31, 1st floor
      Dallas, Texas 75207
    6. Dallas County Road and Bridge Districts:
      District No. 1
      2311 Joe Field Rd.
      Dallas, Texas 75229

      District No. 2
      715 Rowlett Rd.
      Garland, Texas 75043

      District No. 3
      1506 Langdon Rd.
      Dallas, Texas 75241

      District No. 4
      4403 W. Illinois Ave.
      Dallas, Texas 75211
    7. Dallas County Historical Commission
      411 Elm Street
      Dallas, Texas 75202
    8. TXU
      1601 Bryan St.
      Dallas, Texas 75201
    9. AT&T
      208 S. Akard St.
      Dallas, Texas 75202
    11. U.S. Postal Service
      Manager Address Information System
      401 DFW Turnpike
      Dallas, Texas 75260
    12. Contiguous municipalities, where appropriate.
  6. Consistency With Adjacent Jurisdictions
    A roadway which extends from a city into the county should, if possible, have the same street name in each jurisdiction. Any shared name for the roadway shall be consistent with the earlier street name by which it was known, unless this will create duplication in either jurisdiction.
  7. Street Name Link With Subdivision Name
    A street name applied to a minor roadway within a subdivision may correspond to the subdivision name to foster a sense of location. Example: If a subdivision's name were Indian Run, names which might form a logical link could include Apache Road, Cherokee Trail, Mohican Drive, etc.
  8. Street Name Link to Specific Tract, Tenant, or Product Name
    A street name request which constitutes a commonly used identification of a particular tract, tenant, or product name to the exclusion of the remaining tracts or tenants is not permitted. Example: A firm named Good car Tire Company submits a request to rename Butterfield Road, the roadway on which it and other businesses are located, to Good Car Street. This request is inappropriate; Good Car is uniquely identified (and thus advertised) to the exclusion of other businesses.
  9. Request Requirements - Length of Name
    A street name shall not exceed 14 characters in length, including blanks, unless the label portion plus the abbreviated street type does not exceed 14 characters, including blanks. Examples: Whispering Lake Drive, unacceptable as the label by itself equals 15 characters; Appledale Street, acceptable if the street type is abbreviated (Appledale St.); Red Wing Drive, acceptable in its entirety.
  10. Request Requirements - Street Name Intelligibility
    A hyphenated or apostrophized street name, or a request of three or more words, shall not be permitted. Examples: O'Henry Drive, unacceptable; Land O' Lake Lane, unacceptable; Old Gate Inn Lane, unacceptable.
  11. Request Requirements - Directional Prefixes and Suffixes
    Neither a directional prefix nor suffix shall be a part of any request.
  12. Request Requirements - Historic names A street name shall be considered historic, and thus protected from name changes, if it possesses historic value, based on satisfying one of the following criteria:
    1. The commemoration of a person and his specific contributions to the cultural, economic, social, religious or political heritage of the county;
    2. The commemoration of sites or locales of significant historic events or of specific contributions to the cultural, economic, social, religious or political heritage of the county. Example: Bryan Street in downtown Dallas was named for John Neely Bryan, the founder of Dallas; or Swiss Avenue was named for colonists who settled that area in 1870; or
    3. Original or traditional names of streets which were named after family members or others associated with a given locale. Example: Audelia Road was named for the daughter of James E. Jackson, who owned a store at the corner of Audelia Road and Forest Lane.
  13. Request Requirements - Special Exceptions to Policy
    From time to time, in the opinion of the Commissioners Court, special circumstances may surround a street name change request, thereby allowing the Commissioners Court discretion in changing the name of a street in accordance with this policy.
  14. Request Requirements - Specific Highways and Their Valid Abbreviations
    HighwaysAbbreviated Label / Type
    Interstate Highway 20IH 20 Frwy
    Interstate Highway 45IH 45 Frwy
    Loop 12Walton Walker Blvd
    U.S. Hwy. 175Hawn Frwy
  15. Request Requirements - Official Street Types and Their Abbreviations
    The following are official street types and their abbreviations:
    Street TypeStandard Abbreviation
    Access RoadACRD
    Service RoadSERV
  16. Installation of Street Signs
    1. Signs and guard posts shall be installed by the Developer in accordance with the current edition of the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (TMUTCD). The current version of this manual can be found at:
    2. The Developer of a subdivision shall install the street name signs on new streets. The proper installation of these signs is a part of the required construction standards of County, and will be inspected for approval prior to the release of the Maintenance Bond.
    3. The Developer of a subdivision shall be not be required to install any traffic control sign or device. The installation of such control signs or devices shall be the responsibility of County or other affected governmental agencies only.
  17. Street Name Sign Standards
    Street Name sign assemblies shall be post-mounted with at least one assembly at each intersection of streets or roadways.
  18. Sign Faces
    Sign blanks shall be double-faced so as to indicate street names on both sides. They shall be a minimum of nine inches (9") high and twenty-four inches (24") to forty-eight inches (48") in length, as needed to adequately space six inch (6") series "C" lettering without crowding. They shall be extruded anodized aluminum blanks, and covered with high intensity green reflective sheeting with silver (white) borders and optional three-eights inch (3/8") silver (white) borders. Designations such as Street, Road, etc. shall be standard abbreviations as indicated previously.
  19. Posts and Mounting Hardware
    1. Posts, foundations and mountings shall be the same type and manufacturer that the Precinct sign crew is using at time of installation, and shall be installed to hold signs in a proper and permanent position, and to resist swaying in the wind. Signs blanks shall be positioned, when mounted, so as to have their faces parallel to the roadway they name.
    2. The street name sign blank shall be mounted at sufficient height to allow the placement of a thirty inch (30”) stop sign below the sign blank that meets the placement standards found in the latest TMUTCD, Section 2A.18, Mounting Height.
  20. Placement
    1. The street name sign assembly should be located two feet (2') behind the curb on curbed roadways, or six (6’) to ten (10’) feet beyond the edge of the pavement on non-curbed roadways. It should be placed as near as possible to the tangent point on the edge of the less important roadway, with the radius of the curve at the intersection.
    2. The streets or roads in any subdivision will not be accepted for final maintenance by the Commissioners Court until all the requirements and conditions regarding street names and street signs have been compiled with.
  21. Mailboxes
    1. Mailboxes shall be set a minimum of 3 feet from the edge of the pavement or 1 foot behind curbs. All mailboxes within the County R.O.W. shall meet the current TxDOT standards if the speed limit on the County road is more than 40 mph.
    2. Mailboxes in subdivisions with speed limits at or below 40 mph must meet U.S. Post Office requirements, and must be placed in a manner that does not interfere with the traffic’s line of vision.