Alternative Dispute Resolution

A milestone was achieved on November 8, 2011 when the Commissioners Court approved Court Order #2011-1938 establishing the creation of a Dallas County Dispute Resolution Center (DCDRC). This new program began on January 3, 2012 with cases being referred from the Civil District Courts, Family District Courts, County Courts at Law, Probate Courts, and Justice of the Peace Courts. Only cases in which the parties truly cannot afford mediation services will be referred to this program by the Courts. This program has not been established to compete with the private mediation market, but to serve an unmet need and provide a service to the residents of Dallas County.

Mediators who participate in this program provide services on a pro bono basis and the need is ongoing. The DCDRC is currently seeking qualified mediators to participate the Center’s Mediator Pool.  Volunteer mediators and their services to the County and public are invaluable and very much appreciated. Please contact the ADR Coordinator via phone at 214-653-6048 or email at, to request more information or if you have any questions.

Purpose Statement

“The purpose of the Dallas County Dispute Resolution Center (DCDRC) is to serve the residents of Dallas County by offering them an affordable alternative to resolving disputes.”


  • To provide relief to the court dockets by allowing those cases that qualify, the option of subsidized mediation services through the DCDRC.
  • To offer opportunities for mediators to “give back” to the Dallas county community, by providing their services on a pro bono basis.
  • To give hope to Dallas county residents who truly need assistance in resolving their legal matter, through the process of mediation.