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Please right-click on the link below to download the form.
Mediator’s Application Form – This is an application to become a Dallas County Mediator.
Pre-Intake Information Form – Both parties (Defendant and Plaintiff) should complete this form prior to mediation.
ADR Reporting Form – This is the final report by the mediator of the mediation results.
Mediator Evaluation Form – This is the mediator’s evaluation of the clients and the mediation.
Client Evaluation Form – This is the client’s evaluation of the mediator(s) and their case.
What's Next? – Your mediation session is over.  Now what should you do?  What's Next? provides suggestions on what to do next.
Rules for Mediation
Standard Mediation Order
Mediator Expectations
Observer Expectations
Pro Se Declaration
Please email, written evidence of your compliance with the training requirements set forth in Section 154.052(a) of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code. (Verification of Training (Certificate) and Resume (2 pages))