Property Management and Utility Coordination Division Overview

Property Management and Utility Coordination Division Overview

Welcome to the Property Management and Utility Coordination (“PMUC”) Division of the Dallas County Public Works Department. The PMUC Division is one of four main divisions that make up the Dallas County Public Works Department and is headed by the Assistant Director, Les St. John, P.E., who can be reached at 214-653-7151. The support staff is comprised of twelve (12) employees and is divided into four service sections: Property Management, Property Appraisal, Property Acquisition and Utility Coordination.


All real estate transactions are processed by the Property Management Section in strict compliance with the Dallas County Code (the Code) and the various State regulations that must be followed including federal laws/regulations which govern on federally funded projects. The PMUC Division administers the Code in a consistent and fair means within the rights of all persons under Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Title VIII of the Civil Rights of 1968, (P.L. 90-284).

Tax Foreclosure Resales An additional responsibility of the PMUC Division is to manage and coordinate the disposition of tax foreclosed properties struck off to Dallas County at the Sheriff's Sale. Tax Foreclosed Properties for Sale by Dallas County are posted and resold in compliance with the Dallas County Tax Foreclosure Resale Policy (Chapter 62 of the Code) and V.T.C.A. Tax Code, Section 34.05. For general information about tax re-sales, please check our FAQs, now available in English and Spanish.  For additional information, please contact Molita Powell.


The Property Appraisal Section performs all duties associated with appraising Right-of-Way and other real estate conveyance transactions in compliance with state statutes and standards and principles of appraising. The Appraisal Division provides services across all property types including raw land, office, retail, industrial, and residential. These services include 1) preparing appraisals for Bond, CMAQ, MCIP Programs, Tax Foreclosed properties, County-Owned surplus properties, and County’s Trail and Preserve Program; 2) Market Analysis, Economic Trends Analysis, and Highest and Best Use Analysis; 3) Project Estimates for proposed MCIP projects; and 4) provide appraisals to assist other departments in their decisions to sell, exchange, or purchase real estate.


The Property Acquisition Section is responsible for real estate acquisition and/or conveyance functions that involve the purchase of private property for a Dallas County Public need; or, the conveyance/exchange of county owned land/title interests to private owners, other government entities or third party owners. A primary function of the Property Acquisition Division is to acquire land for right-of-way purposes on County thoroughfare transportation improvement projects.

For information on "Landowners Bill of Rights", please click the following website link:


The Utility Coordination Section supports Public Works’ Project Managers in the areas of plan reviews and construction. For plan reviews, this section identifies potential utility conflicts by analyzing: 1) existing utility data from “above the ground" topographic features; 2) plans provided by utility companies; and 3) plans and elevations obtained from a Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) investigation.  The Utility Coordination Section will also assist in providing onsite observations for utility relocation and utility conflicts found during construction.   Monthly and quarterly meetings are held with the major utility companies to discuss projects and to help create an atmosphere of partnering between Dallas County and the Utility Companies. 

  Les St. John. P.E. 
Les St. John, P.E.   
Assistant Director