The North Dallas Government Center at 10056 Marsh Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229 has been closed until further notice due to tornado damage from the inclement weather on Sunday, October 20, 2019.

For a list of helpful recovery resources, please click the “October 2019 Tornado Resources” link in the orange Hot Links box.

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Major Capital Improvement Program (MCIP)

Major Capital Improvement Program (MCIP)

In Fiscal year 2000, the Dallas County Commissioners Court replaced its traditional bond-financing approach to funding infrastructure improvements with a Major Capital Improvement Program (MCIP). The basis of this innovative approach is that projects typically will take five years from funding approval to construction completion and that each year some projects will be authorized for funding while other projects are being completed. Thus, in any given year, there will always be projects in each of various phases of implementation (i.e. design, property acquisition, construction). In contrast, under the bond-financing method, all projects are authorized at the same time and are constructed at the same time.

Dallas County Public Works implements the MCIP, typically every two to three years, through a county-wide call-for-projects that evaluates transportation infrastructure improvement projects that improve capacity and safety on regional roadways and multi-modal pathways within Dallas County that have been submitted by Dallas County cities. 

Final MCIP project selections are decided by Dallas County Commissioners Court.