Engineering and Construction Division

Engineering and Construction Division

The Engineering and Construction Division (E&C) of Public Works is charged with the essential task of improving the infrastructure of Dallas County with capital improvement construction projects as well as engineering construction services for Dallas County districts and departments. The mobility of the traveling public is enhanced by improvements which are proposed, designed and constructed by this division. Working in partnership with the Transportation and Planning Division and participating cities, E&C develops projects, usually on a program by program basis, to increase the capacity and safety of Dallas County roadways. The Commissioners Court has expanded the use of Major Capital Improvement Program (MCIP) funds in recent years to include municipal utilities, particularly related to economic development in areas lacking sufficient infrastructure. In the past these programs were funded by bond sales, but Public Works moved in the 2000 fiscal year to a "Funding Commitment" system, the MCIP, for project development and management which is designed to greatly streamline the project production process. Precipitating our implementing a "Funding Commitment" system for project development was the development of a Five-Phase Project Delivery System.

The Engineering and Construction Division is responsible for the following functions:

  • Project Management and Administration
  • Civil Engineering and Design, Survey and Review
  • Construction Management and Inspection
  • Project and Administrative assistance for the Road and Bridge Districts

Civil Engineering and Design
This section consists of professional engineers, engineers-in-training and technicians who work collaboratively to develop plans, specifications and estimates for assigned capital improvement projects. It also includes a survey team that is responsible for providing topographic and right of way surveys for capital projects, along with preparing the legal instruments necessary for private property acquisitions. Other services provided by Design and Survey include: project management support, archive records management, engineering and survey support to other County departments, vetting candidate capital projects nominated by customer cities, and support to consultants who provide professional services to Public Works in connection with project delivery.

Construction Management and Inspection
E&C maintains a staff of highly qualified and experienced construction inspectors. The construction personnel ensure that Dallas County receives the specified quality in each phase of each roadway project. Construction personnel also review plans from other entities to ensure quality in projects in which Dallas County participates financially only. The engineering and construction personnel also lend their talents to other County departments such as Planning and Development, Parks and Open Space, and Facilities Management as needed for special projects.

Road and Bridge Districts
Dallas County Road and Bridge Policy gives Public Works an oversight role in the engineering required for District Forces' work. E&C collaborates closely with each Road and Bridge Superintendent, Executive Assistant and Commissioners’ staff for maintenance and repair projects. For more information about District Forces' work, please follow the links provided below.

The Engineering and Construction Division (E&C) is headed by Cecelia Rutherford, P.E.

Cecelia-E&C AD