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News and Announcements



“Connecting the World Through Public Works”

Dallas County Public Works is preparing to celebrate the upcoming National Public Works Week, May 21-27, 2023. Since 1960, APWA has sponsored National Public Works Week. Across North America, our more than 30,000 members in the U.S. and Canada use this week to energize and educate the public on the importance of public works to their daily lives: planning, building, managing and operating at the heart of their local communities to improve everyday quality of life.

Every year the Week gets bigger and better. The number of participating municipalities continues to grow, which means the number of citizens who are exposed to the value of public works grows. Dallas County Public Works share the APWA goal of educating the public about the value and necessities of public works projects throughout our world and know that our public works professionals throughout the County are the best ambassadors.

Please view the attached video for a great look at the public works profession! (Provided by APWA.)