Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Phone Number: 214.653.7584 • Fax Number: 214.653.7574 

How Do You Establish A New Child Support Account?

In order for you to establish a new child support account or modify an existing child support order, you must complete a "Blue Form" and have a copy of the signed court order. You may mail or hand deliver the form with your signed court order to the Dallas County Child Support Office.

How Can You Change Your Address?

You may change your address at our office by completing a "Change of Address" form, or by mailing or faxing a letter to our office. When faxing or mailing a change of address request, you must include a photocopy of 2 forms of identification, such as your driver's license and social security card. Our form is available online.

How Does The Automated Information System Work? 

The Dallas County Automated Information System is available 24-hours a day to inform you of the date and the amount of your last payment. You should have your Dallas County Child Support account number available and know the last four digits of your social security number. Just dial (214) 653-7584, and press " " for our automated system.

How Can I Get A Payment History Print-Out?

A payment history print-out may be requested in person or in writing, with the appropriate fee. The charge for payment history printouts is $1.00 (one) dollar per page or any part of a page. There is a $1.00 (one) dollar charge for certifying the printout. To determine the cost of your printout, please call our office. If your case is in theC.A.R.E program then there is no charge for your payment printout.

Does Your Office Enforce Delinquent Child Support Payments?

For cases finalized before October 1, 2005: The Dallas County Child Support Office is responsible for the receipt and disbursement of child support payments, updating case payment records, and monitoring payments mandated by the courts. The Dallas County Child Support Office does not provide payment enforcement services and is not at liberty to extend any legal advice regarding delinquent child support accounts. However, we can mail delinquent letters to payers and offer the following as referrals:

  • Office of the Attorney General: (800) 252-8014 or metro 817-695-1331

  • Legal Services of North Texas: (214) 748-1234

  • Office of the Friend of the Court: (972) 224-5598

  • Your personal attorney/legal representative

For cases finalized after October 1, 2005: The C.A.R.E program utilizes the Attorney General's computer system to monitor and enforce child support and medical support. If you are part of the program and you fill enforcement services are need on your case, please call our office. Most enforcement services are done automatically without you calling.

What If I Have Not Received A Payment? 

For payments mailed from the Dallas County Child Support Office: If a payment has not been delivered to you through the mail within 10 business days of its posting, you can initiate a request for replacement by completing an affidavit. If you come in person, you must show a picture ID. Again, you must allow 10 business days for mailing delays or returns. Once the 10 days have elapsed, we will promptly process your affidavit. There is a non-refundable $20.00 fee, payable in cash, money order, or certified check for issuing a stop payment and conducting the necessary research on a check issued by Dallas County. There is a separate form for lost pass-through payments. You may come to our office, email our office, or you may have the form mailed to you.

For payments mailed from the SDU (state disbursement unit): If your payment has posted and it has been 10 business days, you can fill out a stop payment form and mail it to the SDU. You will have to call or come in our office to have this done. There is no fee for this service. If the money is not being sent to the SDU like it should, you can call our office for help. You may come to our office, email our office, or you may have the form mailed to you. 

How can I get Direct Deposit?

If you were divorced before 1994, the Child Support Office can deposit payments directly to your bank's checking or savings account for those who qualify. Qualifications are as follows:

  • Payments cannot be paid by personal check. 

  • Payments must be made by Money Order, Cash, or Cashiers Check. Some Employer Withholding checks qualify.

  • The Recipient must have a checking or savings account with their name on it.

  • The Payer must currently be making payments and must have made at least 2 payments to this child support account.

  • Dallas County Child Support must be on the employer check.

  • Your court cause number must start with 93 or less.

If you were divorced after 1994 you may sign up for Direct Deposit with the SDU. For information about the SDU and to find out how to request a form for Direct Deposit with the SDU, please click here . Direct Deposit offers more security against loss or theft and more speed than mailed payments.

How much is the Stop Payment Charge?

For money processed in the Dallas County Child Support office only: A fee of $20.00 per payment will be charged to process a request to stop payment on a lost, stolen or non-received check. The $20.00 fee must be received in advance of a stop payment being processed and a new check being written. The payment can be sent in by certified check, money order, or can be paid in person with cash. 

My child is 18 and graduated, how do I stop Child Support?

We require proof that the child has graduated. (i.e., a copy of the high school diploma or a letter from the high school on their letterhead stating the date of completion.) Once the above-mentioned document has been received no annual fees are due, and no arrears are due, the account will be inactivated. If your child graduates from high school before their 18th birthday, child support continues until the end of the month of their 18th birthday.

How do I get a Writ to Withhold Income issued?

For cases not in the C.A.R.E. program: The District Clerk's Office handles this process for a $15.00 fee. You will need a signed copy of the wage withholding order, and the name and address of the employer. To obtain a copy of an existing withholding order, contact the records section of the District Clerk's Office at 214-653-6076. For additional information about wage garnishments in a divorce case, contact the District Clerk's Process section at 214-653-7049.

For cases in the C.A.R.E. program: The C.A.R.E program staff will automatically send out writs if there is a known employer. If a writ has not been issued and you know the employer of the NCP(non-custodial parent) then please call the C.A.R.E program staff to give the information and have a writ sent out.

When is a Social Study ordered?

When conservatorship/possession issues regarding children are in dispute, a court will commonly request a social study prior to making a final order. A court order is required to begin a social study and they are available through Dallas County Family Court Services. They can be contacted at (214) 653-7674. Currently the social study fee, that is determined by the court, is paid at the Dallas County Child Support Office which serves as a collecting agent for Family Court Services.

When are Contempt Fines ordered?

The Dallas County Child Support Office serves as a collecting agent for contempt fines. Contempt fines are usually paid by a custodial or non-custodial parent for:

  1. Failure to obey a court order for child support, or

  2. Possession of, or access to, a child resulting in further litigation to enforce the order, including contempt of court.

A Finding of contempt may be punished by confinement in jail for up to six (6) months, a fine of up to $500 for each violation, and a money judgment for payment of attorney's fees and court costs.