Dallas County Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates and Information
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101st Civil District Court

Hon. Staci Williams, Presiding

George L. Allen, Sr. Courts Building – 600 Commerce Street, 6th Floor West, Dallas, TX 75202
Court Phone: (214) 653-6937 | Court Fax: (214) 413-4233
E-mail: 101court@dallascounty.org

CHANGES in the 101st District Court’s Docket during COVID-19 Pandemic (effective March 30, 2020)

Jury Trials
Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, the 101st District Court is suspending all Jury Trials until May 8, 2020 or later as determined by County Judge Clay Jenkins.

Non-jury Trials
All Non-jury trials will proceed as scheduled via ZOOM or other platform. Parties are expected to make their trial announcements via EMAIL 101Court@Dallascounty.org.

All hearings will proceed as scheduled via ZOOM or other platform. All motions should be set for a hearing by contacting the Clerks at (214) 653-7256.

AGREED Submission Docket
An “AGREED Submission Docket” has been created for those motions where ALL PARTIES CONSENT to the Motion being considered on the “AGREED Submission Docket”. This “AGREED Submission Docket” will begin on Friday, March 20, 2020 and will continue until further notice. To schedule a motion on the “AGREED Submission Docket,” please contact the Clerks at (214) 653-7256.

Dismissal Docket
If an answer has been filed, the case will not be dismissed. Please do not call the Court to determine when the case will be removed from the dismissal docket and/or to set the case for trial.

If service of process has not been completed on your case, the Court will reset your case on a dismissal docket no sooner than 30 days after the expiration of the Governor’s Declaration of Public Health Emergency.

Dallas District Court’s Emergency Standing Order
(effective March 27, 2020, as modified by the 101st District Court )

Supreme Court of Texas
Please read the “First Emergency Order regarding the COVID-19 State of Disaster” (link below) from the Supreme Court of Texas. There is important information regarding the extension of the statute of limitations in civil cases.

For additional information, please send an email to 101court@dallascounty.org.



Judge Staci Williams

Court Staff:
Court Coordinator: (214) 653-6937
Court Reporter: (214) 653-7815
Chief Clerk: Margaret Thomas - (214) 653-7256
Bailiff: April Smith - (214) 653-7256

Mailing Address:
101st District Court
George L. Allen, Sr. Courts Building
600 Commerce Street
Box 685
Dallas, TX 75202

Court Location:
George L. Allen, Sr. Courts Building
600 Commerce Street
6th Floor West
Dallas, TX 75202
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