Mediator, Guardian Ad Litem, and Attorney Ad Litem Lists

Hon. Martin Hoffman, Presiding

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Note about Mediator, Guardian Ad Litem, and Attorney Ad Litem Lists

The attached lists include the names of mediators, guardian ad litems, and attorney ad litems with whom the Court has personal experience or knowledge of their aptitude for handling certain types of cases and effectiveness at bringing timely closure to the disputes before the Court. If you are interested in being added to either of the lists, please stop-by the Court to visit with Judge Hoffman and/or the Court Coordinator about your experience and qualifications. If you are included on the lists and would like to be removed or designated in another area of specialty, please contact the Court Coordinator to advise her of same.  The Court reserves the right to modify the lists periodically.

Click the links below to download PDF's of Mediator Lists, Guardian Ad Litem List, and Attorney Ad Litem Lists: