In observance of Juneteenth, Dallas County offices will be closed on Wednesday, June 19th.

Records Information Office

Civil Court Records

District Clerk Civil & Family Records Desk

George Allen Courts Building
600 Commerce Street
Basement “B” Floor West
Dallas, TX 75202

The District Clerk is the custodian of record for the civil and family state district. For records pertaining to the county courts-at-law or the probate courts, please contact the Dallas County Clerk’s office. For records pertaining to any case heard by the justice-of-peace, please contact the office of the J.P. who heard the case.

Viewing Civil Case Information and Documents


You may obtain online information for cases filed in the district civil courts of Dallas County dating back to 1975 including current cases. In addition, case files are available for most civil cases filed after 2008. Please visit the online record search portal by clicking the link below:


For access to case records that are not available online or for any other services such as record certification or record searches, please visit the Civil & Family Records Desk at the George Allen Courts Building, basement floor west.

The desk is open from 8:00AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday.

You may also call the records desk at 214-653-6076 during regular business hours.

Please note that all requests made after 4:00pm are handled the next business day.

Obtaining Copies of Civil Case Records

The District Clerk makes her civil case records freely available to the public online for most cases filed after 2008. Case records sealed by order of the court or held confidential under Federal or State law are not available online and generally require an order of the court to access. Records containing names of children or other sensitive information are also restricted from online access.

For certified or other copies of civil case records, you may request those either in person at the Civil & Family Courts Records counter at the George Allen Courts Building located at:

George Allen Courts Building
600 Commerce Street
Basement “B” Floor West
Dallas, TX 75202

For your convenience you may also email your request to:

Please be sure that you attach a Civil & Family Records Request Form to your email by clicking on the link below:

Payment Options

The District Clerk accepts cash, personal check (in-state bank), money orders or credit card for all services offered by the Civil & Family Records section.


Payment may be made in-person at the District Clerk’s records desk on the basement floor of the George Allen Courts building:

George Allen Courts Building
600 Commerce Street
Basement “B” Floor West
Dallas, TX 75202


You may send check or money-order to:

Dallas County District Clerk
Attn: Civil & Family Court Records
George Allen Courts Building
600 Commerce Sreet, Ste. B-30
Dallas, Texas 75202


You may pay for your copies online by visiting the payment portal link below:

However, you must contact the District Clerk’s Criminal Records office at to determine the cost of your copies or services prior to making any payment. Pay only the exact amount of the costs you have been instructed to pay. Overages are typically not refundable but will be held in escrow until your next purchase. Shortages may result in a delay in processing your order.

If you frequently order criminal records, you may wish to open a records escrow account and save on transaction fees. Please contact the District Clerk’s Accounting Manager, Mr. David Bradley, at prior to depositing funds.