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    Emergency Nonprofit Assistance Program

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    Thank you for visiting the Dallas County American Rescue Plan web page and your interest in this program. This ARP program has closed and is no longer accepting applications.

    Dallas County 2022 Emergency Nonprofit Assistance Program
    Funded by American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) State & Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF)


    The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 provides state and local governments fiscal recovery funding to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and invest in recovery efforts. Dallas County received an allocation from this fund from the Department of the Treasury and intends to use the aid to support the county's response to the public health emergency and address the negative public health and economic effects resulting from the ongoing pandemic. The aims of the SLFRF Program include helping communities fight the pandemic and supporting families struggling with its impacts, and to build resilient and equitable long-term recovery. U.S. Treasury Guidance allows for recipients to provide loans and grants to 501( c)3 organizations that experienced negative economic impacts. The 2022 Nonprofit Assistance Program will be partially modeled after the successful 2020 Food Pantry Assistance Program and Emergency Business Assistance Programs funded through the CARES and ARP Acts and will serve local nonprofit organizations that continue to be on the frontlines of the pandemic's economic fallout.


    Funded through the American Rescue Plan Local Fiscal Recovery Funds, the Nonprofit Assistance Program (NPAP) would provide one-time grants to eligible Dallas County area 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(19} entities that experienced increased service demand or financial insecurity during the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of these entities faced new challenges and unprecedented demand during the past two and a half years; they are valuable members of Dallas County, continuing to address food and housing insecurities, education and employment obstacles, public health threats in neighborhoods, and other community challenges and provide for struggling families. This program will align with Dallas County's strategy to utilize a portion of the recovery funds to addressCOVID-19's economic harms to households and small businesses and nonprofits, contributing to the Dallas community's robust response efforts and attempts to reach households most harmed by the crisis.

    Program Administration:

    The Dallas County ARP Team will accept applications online and provide application support when needed by phone and email. The team will review the applications for meeting eligibility requirements and determine amounts awarded based on demonstrated financial impacts. The team will manage the allocation of funds and work with Grants Audit on documentation and requirements while providing program oversight. Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and awards will be distributed until program funding is no longer available.

    Qualifications & Eligibility:

    The program is designed to provide financial assistance to organizations that can demonstrate a public health and/or economic impact to their nonprofit and its vital community services. This includes impacts to critical programs that serve vulnerable individuals and families and those that were disproportionately affected by the public health emergency. Specifically, the grant program can provide funding to charitable organizations that experienced any or all of the following challenges:

    • Decreased Revenue (ex: From Donations & Fees)
    • Increased Costs (ex: Uncompensated Increases in Service Needs)
    • Challenges Covering Payroll, Rent/Mortgage, or Essential Operating Costs
    • Decreased Capacity to Weather Financial Hardship and/or New Expenses Necessary to Mitigate Financial Hardship such as Technical Assistance & Business Planning

    (Specific examples of eligible items can include unexpected Personal Protective Equipment & cleaning/disinfecting costs, necessary expenses to increase capacity such as renting or installing new equipment, and revenue shortfalls exhibited through previous and current budget and financial document comparisons.)

    Eligible organizations include community organizations that are registered 501( c) ( 3) or 501( c) ( 19) entities and provide individual, house hold, or other support to Dallas County residents during the pandemic timeframe, including but not limited to:

    • Food Banks and Food Pantries
    • Organizations Providing Rent, Utility, or other Household Aid
    • Employment, Housing, and Public Health Charitable Nonprofits
    • Those Providing Community Behavioral Health, Mental Health, and Social/Emotional/ Academic Programs and Services

    Other eligibility requirements include:

    • Be current in the payment of all Dallas County and local taxes (if applicable)
    • Be registered as a tax-exempt charitable nonprofit (Registered with the Internal Revenue Service & File a Form 990 with the IRS Annually)
      • Please note the following U.S. Treasury Fiscal Recovery Funding requirement for a recipient providing assistance to nonprofits: Nonprofits eligible for assistance are those that experienced negative economic impacts or disproportionate impacts of the pandemic and meet the definition of "nonprofit"-specifically those that are 501{c)(3) or 501{c}(19} tax-exempt organizations.
    • Been in existence before or as of March 3, 2021
    • Have Annual Reported Revenue-Contributions &Grants and Program Service Revenue (per 2021 IRS Form 990) equal to or less than $2,000,000
    • Must be physically located in Dallas County
    • Demonstrate, through completed application & supporting documentation, COVI D-19 impacts on the organization, including unexpected costs incurred, declines in funding sources, and/or increased demands from client population from March 2020 until July 2022

    *Submission of an application does not guarantee funding


    The 2022 Nonprofit Assistance Program maximum award amount is $49,000. Actual awards amounts to nonprofit service providers will vary depending on demonstrated COVID-19 impact as shown through application responses and supporting documentation. Dallas County must be able to clearly identify how the nonprofit applicant was impacted by the pandemic. Requested documentation may include organization & program budget, financial reports to demonstrate decreased revenue following the onset of the pandemic, receipts, and spreadsheets or other reports displaying increased aid distribution amounts or significant operational changes due to the public health emergency. Awards will be provided on a reimbursement basis, assisting nonprofits with previously incurred expenses and/or proven revenue decreases. Final grant recipients must be willing and able to provide a completed W-9, a UEI Number through Registration, and a signed Certification Page. 


    The Dallas County ARP Team will provide a final program report to County Leadership and Commissioners Court highlighting awards distributed and other program outcomes.

    Meeting the criteria does not obligate Dallas County to provide financial aid to any organization providing nonprofit services and programs.

    Final grants awarded under this program may not be utilized to provide reimbursement to donors or be applied to general marketing and fundraising expenses. The grant should not be utilized for duplication of benefits; fund uses already covered by other COVID-19 related federal, state, or local funding opportunities are ineligible.




    The current application period has closed. Any future program updates will be available here.



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