COVID-19 Safety Measures

COVID-19 Safety Measures

The Dallas County courts are committed to protecting the health and safety of all those who visit the courthouse. You can be confident that your health and safety will be a top priority while you perform your jury service. The courts have implemented safety protocols that are approved by the State of Texas Office of Court Administration and Dallas County public health officials. These measures promote public safety and protect the trial rights guaranteed by the Sixth and Seventh Amendments of the United States Constitution.

Face Masks in the Courthouse
All those who enter the George Allen Courthouse are required to use face coverings. If you arrive without a face covering, a disposable face mask will be provided for you.

Social Distancing in the Security Pass Through
Once you enter the George Allen Courthouse, you will be required to go through security. Please maintain at least 6 feet of distance between you and those who are in line with you to proceed through security. You will find signage that will remind you to maintain proper social distancing.

Elevators in the Courthouse
If you are serving as a juror in one of the Family Courts that are located on the 3rd and 4th Floors of the George Allen Courthouse and you physically are able to use the escalator, please do not use the elevators. Please work your way from the security line to the escalators.

For all jurors serving on the 5th through 8th Floors, please maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet while you wait for an elevator. Once you enter the elevator, please note that no more than 4 people are allowed in the elevator at one time. You will find social distancing signage that will remind you of these protocols.

Temperature Checks and Hand Cleansing at Each Courtroom
Before entering the courtroom, everyone will be required to have a temperature check with a wall mounted touchless thermometer. If your temperature is 100 F or higher, you may not enter the courtroom. Prior to entering the courtroom, you are also required to clean your hands with hand sanitizer, which will be provided for you.

Protections in the Courtroom
All those who enter the courtroom must at a minimum properly use a face covering. When you enter the courtroom to serve as a juror, you will be provided an extra layer of protection in the form of a face shield, which you will wear with your face covering. The courtroom will be assembled to allow for proper social distancing between you and the other jurors, the attorneys, the parties, the witnesses, the judge, and the court staff.

During the trial, the attorneys, parties, and witnesses will remain not less than 6 feet away from the jurors and will wear face shields at all times. They will also wear both face shields and face coverings whenever they are not speaking. Only when a witness is testifying, or an attorney is speaking will he or she be allowed to remove his or her face covering. However, all jurors, parties, attorneys, witnesses, and observers in the courtroom will wear face shields at all times.
The microphones that are utilized in the courtroom will be protected by a disposable plastic microphone cover. The disposable microphone cover will be discarded and replaced between each speaker.

During trial breaks, the jurors will be directed to multiple rooms that will allow you to remain socially distant. The jurors will not be required to leave the courthouse for lunch breaks. The court will make accommodations to have individually packaged lunches delivered for the convenience of the jurors.

During the jury deliberation process, everyone will clear the courtroom. The jury will be given the entire courtroom to deliberate while maintaining social distance.