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What to Expect

What to Expect

You will report to the Central Jury Room of your assigned location on the date and time you are summoned to appear. Please complete your Juror Affidavit Questionnaire before arriving for jury duty, online if possible. Please bring the top portion of your jury summons with you. You will need to know your JUROR NUMBER. That number is printed on the top portion of your jury summons. Please ask for assistance from the Jury Services staff if you are unsure of your number.

Appropriate dress is required. No shorts or tank tops. Anyone wearing improper attire is subject to being rescheduled. Please dress as you would for church or a job interview.

There will be some time spent sitting/waiting in the Central Jury Room or in the hallway outside of the courtrooms, so you may want to bring reading material with you. After orientation, Jury Services will begin assigning jury panels to Courts. It is very important that you know your court assignment. Juror numbers, courtrooms and their corresponding floors will be posted in the Central Jury Room after assignment. If you are unsure of your court assignment, please speak with a member of the Jury Services staff. Please be aware that there are some hearings or matters going on inside the courtroom that must be handled outside of the presence of the jury panel. Your patience is appreciated.

Once you are assigned to a court, it is possible that the case may settle or the defendant will accept a plea bargain. Should this occur, you will need to return to the Central Jury Room and may be assigned to another court. Remember, Dallas County has a One Day/One Trial system.