Executive Committee

Meets the first Monday of each month at 3p.m.

2020 Committee Members
RWPC ChairJohn Dornheim
RWPC Vice ChairAuntjuan Wiley
RWPC Vice ChairHelen Zimba
Allocations ChairLionel Hillard
Allocations Vice ChairAuntjuan Wiley
Evaluation ChairJohn Dornheim
Evaluation Vice ChairVacant
P&P ChairJohn Dornheim
P&P Vice ChairVacant
CCC ChairDonna Wilson
CCC Vice ChairSattriona Nyachwaya
Needs Assessment ChairAuntjuan Wiley
Needs Assessment Vice ChairJohn Dornheim

Charge: Ensures the orderly and integrated progression of work conducted by the standing committees of the Ryan White Planning Council. Plans future activities.

The Executive Committee consists of the officers of the Planning Council and the Chair/Vice Chairs of the Standing Committees. The following are the Executive Committee’s core responsibilities:

Review of standing committees’ recommendations:
  • Executive Committee can either send action items back to the original committee for additional work or send them on to the Planning Council with its support.
  • Work with the RWPC staff and ensuring the work of the standing committees progresses in an orderly fashion
  • Sets the date and agenda for the following scheduled Planning Council meeting
  • Track member’s attendance records at Planning Council and committee meetings and taking appropriate action
  • Receives reports and updates from the standing committee Chairs/Vice Chairs
  • Coordinates the work of the Planning Council with the Administrative Agency
  • Assesses the performance of the Administrative Mechanism
  • Performing other duties as may be required or by vote of the Planning Council

The Executive Committee consists of the officers of the Planning Council, Chair/Vice Chairs of the Standing Committees, and representatives from Dallas County Health & Human Services and the CEO Judge Clay Jenkins. The following are the Executive Committee’s core responsibilities:

  • Recruit, screen and recommend potential candidates for membership to the Planning Council
  • Track Planning Council membership classifications and demographics as well as changes in the local PLWHA population
  • Review the Nomination Process
  • Establish a mentoring program
  • Perform other duties as may be required or as assigned by the Planning Council

The following are some of the Executive Committee’s accomplishments this past year.

  • Executive Committee analyzed the interview process of several other Planning Councils by using best practices, our own ideas, and sound judgment to streamline the interview process. The new process will allow the committee to gather useful information from applicants to make informed decisions regarding their ability to serve on the Planning Council and our Standing Committees.
  • Also, we have developed our mentoring program for the Consumer Council Committee, where new members are paired with one of the more experienced members who can assist with any issues or challenges that may arise for the new member.

We have an orientation process for new members. In this, the new member receives information on our meeting structure, Roberts Rules of Order, the Texas Open Meetings Act and the Ryan White Care Act legislation.