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Needs Assessment Committee

Meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 2pm.

Committee Members
Gary Benecke
Helen E. Turner
Lionel Hillard
John Dornheim
Jacobi Hunter
Christopher Webb,
Karin Petties,
Vice Chair
Donna Wilson,
Kendra Tevis
Jonathan Thorne
Shelia A. Crockett

Charge: To oversee the development and implementation of the needs assessment process to identify the needs, barriers to care, and gaps in services for PL WH, and to ensure that Planning Council activities are working towards meeting the needs, overcoming the barriers and closing the gaps. The Needs Assessment Committee designs consumer surveys that will comprehensively gather demographic, epidemiologic, behavioral, and service-related data. Develop strategies to target special populations and organize focus groups to determine what information to gather and how to collect it. Determine the best means by which to conduct the comprehensive needs assessment that meets the frequency needs of the Health Resources and Services Administration. Identify needs trends as identified by consumers from previous assessment cycles. Provide recommendations related to consumer needs to the other Ryan White Planning Council standing committees.