Physical Evidence Section (PES)

Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences Building - 2355 N. Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75207
Phone: (214) 920-5900

The Physical Evidence Section (PES) provides the following laboratory services:

  • Firearm Unit
    • Firearm Analysis
    • Toolmark Analysis
    • Clothing Gunshot Reside & Distance Determination
    • Serial Number Restoration
  • Trace Evidence Unit
    • Hair Analysis
    • Handwiping Gunshot Residue Analysis
    • Ignitable Liquid Analysis
    • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
  • Biology Unit
    • Body Fluid and Sexual Assault Kit Screening
    • DNA Analysis
    • Y-STR Analysis

Evidence Submissions:

  • Evidence may be submitted in person during regular business hours (8AM-4:30PM).
  • Outside normal business hours, evidence may be submitted via secure lockboxes located that are available 24/7.

Important Notice Regarding Simplified Reporting:

Pursuant to accreditation requirements, the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences Criminal Investigation Laboratory will continue to report results in a simplified fashion for some testing services. By using laboratory services, user agencies agree to receive simplified reports. When simplified reporting is used, some information required by laboratory accreditation standards will be found in the case file, rather than the report.

For additional information regarding the content of simplified reports and the components that are maintained in the case file, click here.

Import Notice Regarding Analytical Testing Methods

The forensic laboratory of the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences provides impartial forensic testing services of evidence materials on behalf of its customers, which include but are not limited to police agencies, district attorney offices, defense attorneys, corporations, and private citizens. The Laboratory carries out testing in accordance with applicable regulatory and accreditation requirements using methods that are both appropriate and reliable.

In submitting material to the Institute, the customer authorizes the Laboratory to select the most applicable items, test, and methodology for analysis based upon the type of evidence submitted, standard Laboratory testing protocols, and legal statutes, as applicable.

In event that a customer has special analytical needs or requirements, a customer representative must contact designated laboratory staff.

Trace Evidence Unit214-920-5880N/A
Forensic Biology