Welcome to Dallas County's 2020 Census Information Site!


We need you to get counted. This isn’t about politics. It’s about money. Every person undercounted in the county will cause our residents to lose $15,000 in federal funding over the next ten years. Are you in?– Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins


Census data guides funding and local planning decisions, including where to provide additional social services, build new roads, schools, and where to locate job-training centers.

For every person that is undercounted during the 2020 Census, each city in Dallas County could potentially lose more than $15,000 in federal funding per person during a 10 year timeframe.

Even a 1% undercount in Dallas County, given our current population, would result in a loss of more than $40 million a year in federal funding.

If we work together, we can ensure that our region receives the resources we need from the federal government for our schools, hospitals, roads, and a host of other social services. 




Hard to Count Regions of Dallas County

Among our constituent groups who will be harder to count are our immigrant community, children under age 5, apartment dwellers and renters.

Please visit this website regularly for updates regarding Dallas County’s efforts to ensure a complete and accurate count in our region.