A year after the Court has appointed a guardian, a Court Visitor from the Probate Courts' Investigator’s Office will contact the guardian to schedule an appointment to visit with the ward and speak to the guardian. The guardian must respond immediately to set up the appointment. Failure to respond timely may delay or prevent the court from issuing letters of guardianship.

Duties – A court visitor is responsible for:

  • Setting the appointment
  • Talking with the Guardian
  • Researching diagnosis
  • Seeing the Ward
  • Researching medications
  • Following-up with resources for Guardians
  • Preparing & emailing the visitor report

Time Commitment –The Court Visitor Program requires a great deal of commitment from those who volunteer. Each case requires a different amount of time to conduct the visitation and prepare the report. Each Court Visitor must attend an initial training that lasts between four and six hours.

How to volunteer Please contact the Probate Courts' Investigator’s Office at (214) 653-6446 to volunteer.

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