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Justice of the Peace 4-1

Grand Prairie Courthouse – 106 West Church Street, Suite 205, Grand Prairie, TX 75050
(214) 751-4040 Main • (214) 751-4050 Fax
Office E-mail:
Hours of Operation: 8:00am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday

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Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Part V Rules of Practice in Justice Court
Texas Rules of Evidence
Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, Chapter 15, Subchapter (E) - Venue - Suits Brought in Justice Court

Dates of Interest:
Permissive go live: 3/22/2021
Case Categories: Civil, Criminal Subsequent
Guide & File e-filing integration: Debt Claim Complaint, Eviction Complaint, Repair & Remedy Complaint, Small Claims Complaint


If you are representing yourself in court, you can now create many court forms using the eFileTexas™ Self-help website. This website can help you prepare legal documents. Like popular tax preparation software, you will be guided through a series of questions. Your answers will help automatically prepare and file your court forms online. 

JP 4-1 will no longer accept electronically filed new cases. All new cases must be submitted to the court by mail or in-person. No fee documents such as Returns of Service, Motions for Continuance and Motion for Nonsuit are still permissible.

 If you have questions regarding your specific filing, please contact the court at (214) 751-4040.

 Thank you.


Important Information about E-filing with Dallas County Justice Court:

  1. Proposed orders and requests for issuance of citations, writs or notice’s must be a single filing with the cover letter as the lead document.
  2. All documents must be properly electronically signed and must include (1) A “/s/” and name typed in space where signature would otherwise appear or (2) an electronic image or scanned image of signature or a handwritten signature.
  3. Documents must be in text-searchable PDF format on 8.5 x 11 page with content appropriately rotated.
  4. Documents with multiple attachments for a single filing must be combined into a single PDF with bookmarks separating content. This includes exhibits and appendices.
  5. Documents must include the filer’s contact information including an email address in signature block.
  6. Documents may not contain any security or feature restrictions.
  7. All parties to the case should be added with complete address information.
  8. Documents may not contain multiple pleadings in the same document.

Rejection Reasons:

  1. No fee included
  2. Not Legible

For additional reasons your filing may be rejected please click here.

Helpful Requirements for eFiling:

Click here for helpful requirements for eFiling.

E-file Texas Court FAQ's

Click here for frequently asked questions on e-filing in Texas.

E-file Support:

Technical Support: Tyler Technologies. 800-297-5377 or