Specialty Courts

Specialty Courts

The Dallas County Public Defender’s Office participated in the planning and creation of Drug/Mental Health/DWI/Prostitution/Re-entry and Specialty courts in Dallas County. Assistant Public Defenders staff the majority of these courts and represent the offenders who are eligible to participate. The majority of these Assistant Public Defenders do not receive additional compensation, but volunteer their time and efforts to ensure the success of the programs and the clients who benefit from them.

The following is a list of specialty courts in Dallas County:

  • Dallas County Veteran’s Court
  • Felony Mental Health ATLAS (Achieving True Liberty and Success) Court
  • Dallas County Felony DWI Court
  • *Dallas County Misdemeanor DWI Court
  • Dallas County Misdemeanor Mental Health Diversion Court
  • Dallas County STAC – Successful Treatment of Addiction through Collaboration
  • Dallas County Drug Divert Court
  • Dual Diagnosis Court
  • Pride – Misdemeanor Prostitution Court
  • STAR – Felony Prostitution Court
  • OCR – Outpatient Competency Restoration Court (Felony and Misdemeanor)
  • 4 C Court – SAFPF Re-entry
  • Family and Juvenile Specialty Court Programs
  • *Felony Batterers Intervention Court Program
  • Intensive Intervention Court Program

Please refer to Dallas County Community Supervision and Corrections Department link in “Helpful Links” for a comprehensive description of each program and its eligibility requirements.

*Court not staffed by Public Defenders.