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Contact Us

Contact Us

2121 Panoramic Circle, Suite 240, Dallas, TX 75212
Telephone: (214) 653-7980 • Fax: (214) 653-7988

HSEM is not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The number for DHS is 202-282-8000.

Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management
Main Number: (214) 653-7980
Phone Number: (214) 653-7587
Duty Phone / 24/7 On-Call: (469) 865-9461
Fax: (214) 653-7988
Mailing Address:
2121 Panoramic Circle
Suite 240
Dallas, TX 75212
Emergency Operations Center
Phone Number: (214) 653-7587
Emergency Management Personnel
Doug Bass, Department Manager / Chief of Emergency Services(214)
Lisa Tatum Brown, Section Chief(214)
Colton Goss, Section Chief(214)
Mr. Melvin Cirilo, Section
Bernardo Salazar, Hazardous Materials Planner(214)
Mr. Scott Tarzwell, Emergency Planning & Volunteer Coordinator(214)
Rachel Rueda, Administrative Assistant(214)