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The property I purchased isn’t in my name yet. What should I do?

Contact your local Appraisal District.

Why do I owe prior taxes with penalty and interest when I just purchased the property?

Under Texas Law, taxes follow the property. Your Title Company or Realtor can assist you with this issue, as it should have been resolved at the closing.

If I pay taxes on a property, do I obtain possession of the property?

No, not according to Texas law. However, other states may have different laws on this matter.

How can I determine who owns a particular property?

Contact your local Appraisal District.

How can I obtain my legal property description or value of the property?

Go to the Property Tax Lookup/Payment Application, contact your local Appraisal District, or call 214-653-7811.

If we buy or sell a home in mid-year, who is responsible for the taxes?

Refer to your closing papers or call your title company or real estate agent to determine your agreement. Normally, the taxes are prorated between the buyer and the seller. However, taxes can be paid per any agreement between the buyer and seller. Under Texas law, taxes follow the property.

Whom do I notify that I’ve paid off my mortgage?

Your mortgage company should send you a release of lien, and it must be filed with the County Clerk 214-653-7275. If you do not receive a tax statement by mid-November, go to the Property Tax Lookup/Payment Application, or call our Customer Care 214-653-7811.

How do I remove a lien on my property for property taxes that have been paid?

With the exception of Aircraft, the payment of the property tax will remove this lien. The process is automatic each year. When property tax becomes due, the lien is automatically applied to the property. When property tax is paid, the lien is automatically removed from the property in all cases except Aircraft. For Aircraft, in addition to the payment of the property tax, the FAA requires a form be filed with them after the property tax has been paid. This form may be obtained through Linebarger, Goggan, Blair and Sampson, LLP at 1-800-441-0960 or 214-880-0089.