STI/HIV Programs Overview

Dallas County Health and Human Services - 2377 N. Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75207
Telephone: 214-819-2000

DCHHS is committed to ensuring that Dallas County residents have access to the care they need. Dallas County continues to see a steady rate of new HIV cases, with around a 30% increase in cases in males and a 6.5% increase in female cases occurring in 2021. DCHHS is keeping track of highly impacted zip codes to ensure that services are being distributed to highly affected areas in hopes of lowering instances of new cases appearing.

Our services are available to all qualifying Dallas County residents and include clinical care, testing and screening, informative resources, and connection to affordable care in the area. For more information on the services available to you, please go to our program pages for a more comprehensive outline of what is offered.

Ending HIV Epidemic (EHE)

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus passed primarily through sex or by sharing needles through drug use. HIV weakens your immune system, which makes it hard for your body to fight infection and certain illnesses. Anyone is at risk for HIV, regardless of gender, sexuality, or race. Because the virus can easily pass from person to person regardless of sexual identity, gender, and race, it’s considered an epidemic that affects the overall well-being of our community. DCHHS is working diligently to help persons impacted by this disease through our EHE program.

Dallas County is on a mission to end it by 2030.

Ryan White Grants Management Division 

The Dallas County Health and Human Services’ HIV Grants division is responsible for administering millions of dollars in federal and state HIV/AIDS grant funding including funds from Ryan White Part A and B and Ryan White Minority AIDS Initiative.

Ryan White Planning Council (RWPC) 

The mission of the Ryan White Planning Council of the Dallas Area is to optimize the health and wellbeing of people living with HIV/AIDS through coordination, evaluation, and continuous planning to improve the North Texas Regional System of medical, supportive, and prevention services.

Sexual Health Clinic 

The Sexual Health Clinic, located on the first floor of the Dallas County Health Department building, is here to serve all residents of Dallas County and the surrounding areas. We offer confidential and comprehensive testing, which includes diagnosis, treatment, and education for a wide range of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Our Staff is dedicated to the reduction of sexually communicable infections in the greater Dallas area through compassionate and inclusive care. There is no way to know you have a STI until you get tested! People can often be asymptomatic, meaning they do not have any symptoms but can pass along the infection. In addition, not all STI’s are transmitted sexually as skin- to- skin contact can spread several STI’s. Getting tested and treated early is vital in minimizing risk and bodily injury. 

HIV/AIDS Surveillance Program 

Dallas County Health and Human Services’ HIV/AIDS Surveillance Program ensures timely, complete, and accurate HIV/AIDS case reporting and maintains the corresponding statistics. Reporting HIV/AIDS cases not only protects the health of the community, but it also allows for tracking trends associated with the disease.

STI/HIV Prevention Education in Dallas County ISDs Report 

Dallas County has alarming sexually transmitted disease (STD) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) rates among our youth. Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS) conducted an assessment to determine trends and opportunities in STD prevention education in Dallas County. Understanding these trends allows school districts to consider being active agents in decreasing these rates of infection despite limited available resources.


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